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How it works: :
Depending of your phone or tablet it might be necessary to scroll up or down to see all information or input fields.
After starting the App you can enter an UN number. Just type it in the white field, the proper shipping  name appears automatically. (If no proper shipping name appears,  the number you have chosen is not existing.)

- select packing group

- select technical name

- select Class Subdivision (for UN 1950)

Depending on the substance there might come some questions about Limited Quantities / Excepted Quantities, about the size of the packaging for Aerosols or the size of packaging for substances which have to be segregated from acids/alkalis.

If the substance is packed as LQ/EQ you will get an information that the segregation regulations does not apply and the UN number is deleted from the list.
please answer all the questions, if any, and then tap on the field “Add UN-Number” to finalize the entry and tap again to add the next UN Number.
If you have entered all UN Numbers you like to check just press the Check-button.
(As long as you cannot see the Check-button there are still some entries to be done.)
The result is shown in red if it is prohibited or in green if it is permitted. By pressing the Close-button you will come back to your list. You can delete UN numbers from your list or add some more and check the segregation again.
If there are some special requirements for your chosen substance a yellow field appears, showing this requirements (for example “away from foodstuff”).
If you tap somewhere on the proper shipping name the Product Data Sheet opens and you will find some information about the class (& subclass, if applicable), LQ/EQ, Stowage and Handling provisions and much more.
If there are some special provisions you can tap the small blue arrow and the text of the provisions will be displayed.
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